Marketing strategies for commercial insurance policy

See our updated post on Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents for here. You should always be thinking about ways to improve your business and start out the new year strong.

The Only 11 Insurance Marketing Ideas You’ll Ever Need in 2020

Here are 7 marketing ideas for insurance agents:. As an insurance agent, your primary focus is on clients who are in need of an insurance policy right now.

However, you also need to focus on keeping in contact with clients during the months and years in between these transactions. For clients in that phase of life, seeing posts about needing insurance is not relevant. Instead, share and send content that is full of valuable information applicable to clients no matter where they are in the insurance process.

This way you stay top of mind so they remember you when it counts. If you need inspiration, check out some of our top-performing insurance campaigns.

Most everyone is using social media, but as an insurance agent, are you using these channels to grow and nurture your business? If you said no, make this your goal for When thinking about where client and prospects are, you can find them online. Get creative and share content to all of your pages that is engaging and valuable, regardless of whether they are currently in the market for a policy or not.

Post interesting questions and ask your network share their own thoughts in the comments, and be sure to respond when they do.

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In fact, 97 percent of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in and 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

With percentages like this, obtaining these online reviews is important and should be added to your business activities for Wondering how to do this? The quick answer is to do great work and have happy customers who want to brag about you. Customers may not know how valuable these reviews are to you, so taking the time to ask for these reviews is important.

Managing your online reputation requires you to monitor sites and be proactive in addressing these. Having the ability to leave a positive review also means a customer may leave a negative one.

The best way to deal with any negative reviews is by following up, asking questions and discovering what you can do to better address the situation in the future.

Do your best work and provide great customer service and your loyal customer base will grow and so will your positive reviews. This means having a consistent brand across all online and offline channels. You need to ensure that your information is the same on each channel — your website, review sites, social media profiles etc — and then continue actively monitoring it.A well thought out marketing plan provides a roadmap for making a profitable living off of your commissions.

The key to a successful plan relies on a variety of factors, including identifying ways to make you stand out from competing agents selling the same policies. Using tactics that let prospective customers know how you can help them while offering something different than other agents is key to long-term success.

Set goals for finding and converting new prospects that will buy insurance policies from you. Include a goal for retaining current customer policies. Another goal might include setting a certain amount of time aside each week to tackle marketing tasks. Identify the people or businesses to whom you want to sell policies, such as families that need life insurance, new car or boat buyers or small businesses that need health insurance for their employees.

Look at your current clients to identify common characteristics about their need for insurance, including income level and location to find more prospects like them. Find differences between you and competing insurance agents, such as the types of customers they sell to, the level of customer service they provide and price.

Use this information to find your competitive advantage so you can tell prospective buyers why buying a policy from you is the better choice.

Develop a marketing strategy that includes developing relationships with prospects who eventually buy policies. Include strategies for keeping current policyholders happy.

Look for networking opportunities, such as becoming part of the Parent Teachers Association if you sell to families or joining the local chamber of commerce to get in touch with small businesses that need insurance plans. Gather testimonials from clients, and add them to a portfolio you show prospects.

If you enjoy speaking or writing about insurance issues, look for venues and publications that help increase your credibility while showing your expertise.

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Track the results of your marketing plan by reviewing it every month. The review should give you a strong indication on whether or not the plan is working. Make adjustments as necessary, such as increasing your networking activity or refining your prospect presentation to bring your plan into alignment with your goals. Nancy Wagner is a marketing strategist and speaker who started writing in She writes business plans for startups and established companies and teaches marketing and promotional tactics at local workshops.

She holds a B. How to Market Supplemental Insurance Products.Need insurance marketing ideas? Too many articles out there will give you a bulleted list of random insurance marketing ideas.

8 Must-Have Marketing Strategies for Insurance Agents

Want to get started with insurance marketing services? Contact us now! Your first hurdle in getting lifelong customers is breaking through the online noise and attracting them. The following strategies and ideas are designed to solve for those caveats. Each month, consumers in the U. If you want to turn these consumers into new policyholders, use the strategies below.

The best insurance marketing campaigns start and end with your website. Three rules of thumb are that your website needs to be fast, it needs to be secure, and it needs to be mobile-friendly. That should tell you something about the usability and customer experience potential policyholders expect.

Considering the average mobile page speed is 15 seconds, you have work to do. Go here and test your site speed and usability.

Here—take a look at how you stack up against a couple of your big-time competitors:. To interact with your website, policyholders have to be able to find you.

5 Insurance Marketing Tips Working Right Now!

If you want to get your company on the first page of Google or other search engines, you need to invest in search engine optimization SEO. You need a blog. Blogs not only help generate traffic to your website, but they also prove your authority on topics, build trust, and transform you from an insurance company into a universal insurance resource. Blog posts also play a critical role for consumers researching products and services—the average person consumes Take a look at how much traffic our blog drives to our website:.

And, boy—insurance is overwhelming at first. We established that you need SEO because you need to be at the top of the search results. However, not all search queries are created equal—some queries indicate low commercial intent, and some indicate high commercial intent.

100 Insurance Marketing Ideas, Advertising Tips and Ways to Market Your Insurance Agency

When you look at it on mobile, the entire screen is taken up by ads, and since mobile web traffic has been outpacing desktop traffic, more and more people are clicking on paid ads.For this reason, the Kaplan Financial Education team put together some best practices and ideas for insurance agent marketing.

Before you embark on a marketing strategy, it is important that you first sit down and set your marketing goals. It is best to make them SMART specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound goals, so you will be able to measure your results against them. Consider setting goals for producing, prospecting, sales production, and cross-selling and retention areas. Write down what you want to do, how you want to accomplish it, and when you want to accomplish it by. This will help drive your new marketing ideas.

Once you know what your goals are, the next step is to make a marketing budget. Allocate a certain amount of spend for each marketing channel you want to utilize.

If you can, look back on what you spent the previous year to get an idea for your estimates. Consider cutting the budget on those in favor of new or more profitable channels. Tracking every piece of business is important so you know what channels of your marketing are working. Ask every new client how they heard about you and keep track of their answers. This will help you go a long way. Your customers are your best referrals. Offer an incentive for your current clients to spread the word about your agency.

Offer your clients a discount or a gift card for bringing in new referrals and your referrals a discount or gift card for choosing your agency. You can even create marketing pieces explaining the referral discount and hand them to customers to give out to their friends and family.

Post the program on your social media accounts and website. Add a link to your referral program page on your email signature. Let your clients do some of the work for you. In other words, nearly 9 out of 10 people have read online reviews of your business before deciding whether to trust you. This means that it is vitally important that your agency get good online reviews in places like Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp, and Yellow Pages.

There are many easy things you can do to encourage reviews. Post a sign in the office. Mention it to happy customers as they are leaving your office.See our updated post on Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents for here. Inaccurate data can kill a marketing campaign dead in its tracks. Bad data wastes time, effort and money, and it only increases bounce rates, spam reports and unsubscribes — all things you want to avoid. Too many spam reports and unsubscribe requests can raise a red flag with your email service provider, possibly resulting in account suspension.

If you want to expand your reach in a targeted fashion, you have to keep your data clean. Take the time to update your list regularly and remove any bad data and unsubscribe requests. Get your guide! Their average numbers are astounding:. Facebook makes it easy, guiding you through the setup process and helping you target your ad according to location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections. In terms of boosted posts, they were able to snag additional views for just five bucks.

Here are some interesting stats for you. Over 70 percent of insurance agents use referrals and social media to as prime avenues for attracting leads from millennials, yet only 30 percent of agents actually engage with clients on social media, and fewer still use it to generate referrals. Want more numbers?

marketing strategies for commercial insurance policy

When purchasing an insurance policy, 50 percent of millennials — some 92 million born between andmaking it the fastest growing generation of consumers — turn to friends and family for referrals.

And many of these conversations take place online over social media. Ninety-three percent of B2C marketers are using social media content, so why is there a communication breakdown? Unfortunately a lot of businesses, whether insurance or otherwise, see their social media audience as little more than a sounding board.

As a result, they end up losing the interest of their followers. This type of marketing is unappealing to millennials, who prefer a more intimate connection. Like the insurance business, social media is about nurturing relationships. It works best when used conversationally.

If you can help, join the conversation and engage them on their own terms. Provide valuable content that solves a problem, teaches a lesson or simply encourages constructive conversation, and your policyholders will remember you for it. Word of mouth rocks the insurance world, and not just with the millennial generation. Another 65 percent turn to social acquaintances and colleagues.Insurance companies, no matter their size, need to be constantly building their customer base if they want to stay competitive and profitable.

Whether your agency is well-established or just starting, you can always step up your marketing by looking into a new area. Look at the plans you offer and the price points, of course, but also evaluate your customer service side as well.

Being able to provide friendly, helpful tech support and answer most questions customers have about insurance plans is becoming as important to some customers as the cost of the plan itself.

The marketing strategy will want to focus on these strengths in a way that allows the message to be about those advantages. Consider your resources and your team. An incredibly efficient agency might focus on the speed with which they can get answers quickly; an agency with a lot of industry contacts might focus on the variety of insurance packages they can offer.

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Personable people make good service a notable highlight; coverage options mean a competitive price. Review your current strengths and decide what makes sense to be the central message from your agency.

Most new customers traditionally find insurance agencies through word-of-mouth, based on recommendations from current customers.

marketing strategies for commercial insurance policy

This is a critical way to find new clients, and yet, the agency is entirely dependent on their existing clients to do so. To take advantage of this, make it as easy as possible for current clients to refer you. In addition to customer referrals, agents can use their own professional and personal networks to help attract potential new clients. To encourage this, consider things like a community day, where your team might get involved in a local volunteer project.

Connecting with people on a personal level makes referrals and suggestions much more meaningful, and more likely to stick. It also never hurts to give back to the community and will help the agents feel more engaged with their work. Remember, the top priority of your insurance business strategy is to build awareness and interest in your particular agency and its brand.

Spend resources on the kinds of marketing that best reflect the brand and will easily get the message across. Customer relationship management is the industry name for the set of strategies, tools and processes used to examine customer relationships and work to improve them. CRM software, or a CRM agency, will help streamline the existing information on clients, examine current growth and customer relationships and make suggestions as to how the business can expand and where it should focus its efforts.

CRM packages start with current customer information. CRM services also make it easy to reach out to new potential customers.

By integrating CRM with the business website, queries looking for information or a quote can be directly sent on to the first available agent, for example, including all available contact information.

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Over time, historical data can be used to project customer base expansion and identify new opportunities for advertisements or special offers. In order to be successful, all the elements above need to be streamlined into a coherent marketing plan that makes strategic sense. Individual efforts in certain areas can be fruitful, but being able to combine methods into a powerful overall plan is the best way to effectively grow clientele and build the business.

So the marketing plan also has to focus on what your insurance agency offers over those other options, especially if you want to encourage office visits over online signups and phone calls.

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This is another piece of the strategy and objectives to consider; your agency may want to reward office visits or you may want to do your best to automate things online as much as possible. What sort of service best fits the brand of this agency? Keep in mind, also, that this focus might change over time.

Tailoring the marketing strategy makes more sense than simply, say, buying out a set of online ads or printing a bunch of brochures: It focuses resources and will have the most impact with the most value. Danielle Smyth is a writer and content marketer from upstate New York. She has been writing on business-related topics for nearly 10 years.With the increase in the number of industries in the market, it is required for the organizations to know and attract maximum customers and investors for the growth of the company.

We can use the process of marketing to increase the reach of the company so that it can be recognized easily. Marketing is a very broad function and also one of the most important aspects of the company. If marketing is done in a planned and effective way, it can increase the profit of the company by a large margin.

It is required to make good marketing policies so that the process can be implemented in an effective and efficient way to promote the growth of an organization. Restaurant Marketing Policy Template 2. Group Marketing Policy 4. College Marketing Policy 5. Search Engine Marketing Policy 6. International Marketing Policy 7. Real Estate Marketing Policy 8. Self Marketing Policy Example 9. Campus Marketing Policy Reseller Marketing Policy Integrated Communications and Marketing Policy Energy Marketing Oversight Policy Marketing and Advertising Policy and Procedure more.

marketing strategies for commercial insurance policy

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